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Message from the Chairperson

My vision and hope for the Research and Training Wing (R&TW) is for it to evolve as the knowledge hub for the Planning and Development Department at the Government of Sindh. I hope that the revitalized R&T Wing can be a source of evidence-based strategic input on key development challenges faced by the province. The complex nature of the process of planning and development requires a creative evidence-based approach to navigate the landscape with informed decision-making.  Dynamism is needed to reinvigorate and rejuvenate the knowledge-base that informs strategic planning and policy formulation.

Message from the Director General

It has been a sheer pleasure to steer the Research and Training Wing for catering to the capacity development and analytical needs of the Planning & Development Department. The process of revitalization that started in 2018 has started to bear fruits as the Wing continues along the journey as a learning organization. Strengthening of the Wing is reflective of the prioritization of Government of Sindh to encourage the role of research and capacity development in guiding its strategic planning. It is my sincere hope that R& T Wing will keep on growing and that it ultimately evolves as a knowledge hub for the Government.

My ultimate aim as the Director-General has been to empower the Wing as a conduit of knowledge transmission along with capability augmentation to strengthen the decision support system of P&D Department. I firmly believe that R&T Wing will transform into a premier Research and Capacity Building Institute of the Government to facilitate the diffusion of actionable knowledge on imitable global development practices.






“To work as a policy advocacy body to the Government of Sindh through adaptive research and trainings for capacity development”


“The Research and Training Wing hopes to create an enabling environment to develop capacity of the public sector in Sindh and to support research advances for improved service delivery through meaningful collaborations and partnerships”


  • Act as an in-house research, policy-advice and capacity development body for P&DD
  • Evolve as a policy hub within GoS for informed policy-making
  • Function as a premier training and capacity development organization
  • Develop meaningful partnerships with leading universities, think-tanks, civil society and business associations

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Latest Updates

Knowledge Repository is LIVE now

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